OUR HistorY 

OpenFX was the first to obtain a license from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus as a broker at CFD & Forex market. Starting investment capital was $ 1’000’000.

The management of the company took an active part in the formation of this part of financial market in the country, advising the Board of National Bank of Belarus. As a result of the preparatory phase of work:
became a member of ECN of liquidity providers on XCore technology offered by one of the world 's largest liquidity aggregators PrimeXM;

concluded contracts with Priorbank (Raiffeisen Bank International group member) and BelSwissBank for the storage of funds of OpenFX clients;

became a member of the Association for Development of Financial Market

Atimex Consulting Company founded.
The initial investment capital was $ 500,000.

We have trained and advised more than 3,000 traders and investors how to invest at financial markets. We have developed technologies that make the process of making money on the market of stocks, metals, currencies and cryptocurrencies easier and safer. Among them: a strategy panel, a capital protection module and an investment platform.

Atimex and OpenFX Collaboration Results

Over the past 2 years, we have attracted more than 600 customers for total deposits of $ 2'500'000. In March 2020, thanks to effective technologies of attracting customers and well-established business processes our business reached the breakeven point.
The cost of attracting of one customer is about $100, that is one of the best indicators in the industry.


Global stock market capitalization: $ 85 trillion (2020) *


170 million Americans invest in stocks of companies according to the 2016 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances. Nearly 48 million of them invest directly or through investment funds

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Americans opened nearly 928,000 accounts in such investment companies as E*TRADE Financial Corporation and Charles Schwab Corporation

Sources: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4.


Population of the CIS region is more than 250 million people, but only less than 3% of them invest in stock markets:

5.7 million Russians have opened accounts with brokerage companies.

At the beginning of 2020, only 2.5 million were investing in stocks directly or through investment funds. In other CIS countries is a similar situation

Sources: No. 1, No. 2.


50 million Japanese are active participants in financial markets according to survey of the Central Bank of Japan



What problems of investors do we want to solve?


Return on Bank Deposits are from 1-5% per annum, and taking into account inflation - negative in all currencies


Absence of practical courses for investors combining knowledge and technology


Brokerage companies do not develop automatic tools for protection of investors’ capital


What do we plan to create and how will we promote?

Library of ready-made strategies

With statistics confirmed on history data and in real trading with a yield from 30% to 150% per annum

Investment Courses

Training system of 3 levels of complexity in 5 languages how to invest in financial markets

Capital protection system

Multi-level automatic risk management allowing to limit risks and protect profits

Multi-level affiliate program

Partners will be able to generate income due to 3 options: through personal investment, products re-sale and % of brokerage commission

Influencers team

The company's speakers and external bloggers will form an audience of traders and investors around themselves.

Artificial Intelligence Customer Acquisition System

The algorithm tells partners who and how best to attract to the company


We have created proactive, professional and united team. TOP-management and heads of departments have experience in implementing complex projects for at least of 5 years in banks, investment and broker companies. In addition, technical support and software development are provided by residents of the of High Technologies Park (analogue of Silicon Valley in the US) that have an experience of implementing projects for companies from the USA and European Union.

Gennady Glinsky
Chief Executive Officer

Alexey Shevtsov
Chief Marketing Officer

Viktor Pavliuk
Chief Compliance Officer

Sergey Galuza
Chief Technical Officer

Timur Aslanov

Head of Academy of Trading

Roman Voronin

Head of Academy of Financial Literacy

Maxim Tendera

of Sales Dpt.

Artem Shevtsov

of Project Dpt.

Olga Borovets

Head of Affiliate Programs Dpt.

Yuri Seleznev

Business & Personnel Coach

and 25 more employees

development model

In March 2020 we reached the breakeven point and now we will develop due to organic growth at a rate of 10-15% per year or will attract investments and develop exponentially

You can simulate various investment scenarios


Dear Investor,
We would like to offer you the possibility of investing
$500 000 in the further development of Atimex Universe, becoming the owner of a share of up to 10% of the authorized capital of the company.

Our strategy is to create a company that will be
in the TOP-5 of fintech companies focused primarily on a Russian-speaking audience in the next three years, and in the future - all over the world.

If you wish, you can exit the investment in 3 years by selling your share for $ 1 million to us or to the investment fund, which we will find on our own.
If you stay with us, then by the end of 2023 you will be able to receive dividends in the amount of $ 125 thousand per year.

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